This class is open to anyone interested in Yoga, their minds, or their bodies. A flowing class designed to make you more aware of what is going on within your body, how you stand, the differences between the two sides of your body, question what habitual movements you unconsciously do everyday that make you unbalanced. Work to change these patterns to allow yourself greater freedom in movement, harmonizing the body, and moving beyond the limitations that we set for ourselves. The postures are easily modified for any level of strength or flexibility. Optimally, the two are balanced, yet some have to sacrifice strength to gain flexibility, and others flexibility to gain strength. Options are given for the student to work at their own individual needs.

How often to do take note of your breath? Most of us spend at least 96% of our lives unaware of our own breath, an unconscious habit affected by our posture, our mood. Proper breathing, breath awareness, and observation has an overall and profound effect on one's life. Through breath regulation and exercises, or Pranayama, one will lead a longer, healthier, and more focused life.

Awareness of the breath is one of the easiest tools to focus and calm the mind. Through the practice of meditation, we learn to focus and witness the mind. How often do we give ourselves the opportunity to relax? We often count sleep as relaxation, but in sleep we shut down, we are unconscious of our subconscious. Through Meditation, we still the body, subdue or withdraw the senses (which are distractions), and witness the mind. Meditation has many deeply nourishing benefits for the body, mind, and your overall health. (For a list of benefits, see http://www.healthandyoga.com/html/meditation/objectives.html).

Too much of our lives are spent caught up in the buzzing energy of others, or things of little importance in the grander scope. Become aware that you are not your mind, or your senses, let go of the things that are unbalancing you, become aware of your higher self.

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