Pregnant Ladies are invited to organize a private or small group sessions for Pregnancy. Contact Marnie for further information.

Prenatal Yoga is extremely beneficial for expecting mothers. It helps to calm and focus the mind, balance the hormones, strengthen the body in preparation for birth, as well as helping to cope with your changing and developing shape.

Pranayama (breathing exercises) calm the nervous system, and also help to counter shortness of breath. Meditation helps to focus and train the mind, affecting your overall outlook, and providing you with valuable assets as you prepare for your labor. Chanting and sound meditation have amazing calming effects for both you and your baby. There is a physiological connection between the throat and the birth canal, enabling you to connect with apana, the downward or releasing flow of energy.

The benefits of the individual Asanas (postures), help to relieve the many symptoms of pregnancy (heartburn and nausea, lower back pain, rounded posture, sciatica, leg cramps, oedema (fluid retention), varicose veins, high/low blood pressure, shortness of breath), as well as training and preparing the body for the rigours of labor.

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